***Urgent information: Day-to-day ritual for 20 minutes at noon 
          and 6p.m. Japan Standard Time (JST)***

           MSG on January 29, 2009 10:00 p.m. (JST)

The Great Lord-Utsu-umu Mima-moru Hikari-no Mioya-sama has

descended from the 8th system on January 26, 2009 in order to

transmit the light of the Logos- Utsushiyo Hiraku Furu-umi-sama

showed for one hour on the occasion of the ritual that day.

Following his descent, the Great Lord-Umu-umi Mima-mori Hikari-no

Mioya-sama has descended today on January 29, 2009 (JST) from

the same system to shower us with His light of love everyday.

Please be advised that all the people who can take this message

would repeat the name of Umu-umi Mima-mori Hikari-no Mioya-sama

everyday for 20 minutes at noon and at 6 p.m. from today on

January 29, 2009. (JST)

You may repeat the name either aloud or in your heart. 

By repeating His name, your sense of self-love will be enhanced.

Besides it is not possible those who can not love themselves,

love the other persons in the true sense of the word.

Even though some people think they can accept and love themselves,

in most cases, they love just their bodies, not their souls.

We will surely be able to love ourselves deep from the bottom of

our souls by receiving His light twice a day on the above times

from January 29, 2009. (JST) for about 18 days.

It is said that we are all able to receive His light again and

will be granted more blessings by repeating His name- Umu-umi

Mima-mori Hikari-no Mioya-sama.

Although the rituals will be continued twice everyday for about

18 days from tonight, the period is not definitely decided yet.

I do suggest you take times to receive His light as often as


Please pass on this message to as many people as possible.

Masatoshi Takeshita

Unity Design
(Japanese Site)